Wine Consultations

Our knowledgeable staff are well versed in all of our local wines and they are here to assist you in finding the right drop! There are different budgets for different occasions, whether it’s a reliable everyday drinker or something different to impress we will find what’s right for you.



Sunraysia Cellar Door host a variety of functions from private birthdays, corporate events, wine tastings to winemaker dinners and catered charity functions in store and off premise.

Buyers own brands

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Corporate Gifting

Considering showing your appreciation for your clients or colleagues?
Why not construct your own gift hamper at the SCD?
Choose your favourites from our region’s wines, pair it with the best local produce from Sunraysia and leave the rest to us!

Local Produce

Looking for premium local produce from the Sunraysia region? The SCD stocks the very best dried fruit, salt, nuts, olive oil, honey and olives available.